Type 1 diabetes treatment myths and challenges by Dr. Anantharaman R, Magna Clinics

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Type 1 diabetes is an enigmatic disease. It has a very high variation in its distribution. For example in Scandinavian countries the incidence (new cases detected per 1 Lakh population) is 40. In south India the figure is estimated to be in single digits.

It occurs in a person born with susceptibility genes as a response to as yet unidentified trigger. What happens is that the insulin producing cells are destroyed by the persons own immune system (white blood cells which are supposed to be protected against foreign microbes).

After nearly 80 years of research we have no easy means to delay or stop this auto immune process

Though at present Type1 DM is not curable. Type 1 diabetes can be treated with Insulin replacement.

At our clinic we offer advanced therapy for Type1 DM which includes education on how to take insulin, how to self-monitor. We also teach carb counting (a method of balancing food intake with the best possible dose of insulin).We also offer insulin pump therapy for Type 1 DM.

Insulin pumps are state of the art treatment for Type1 DM. The pump allows us to give very accurate doses of insulin when compared to the conventional pen device. We do offer a 15 day free trial of the Insulin pump so that patients can have a feel for the same.

Do contact our numbers at Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad for your Type1 Diabetes treatment requirements. We are genuine experts in treating this complex disease.

Post script:

The government of India insists its own employees to consult a DM qualified endocrinologist for complex diseases like Type1 DM when paying for their flagship health schemes like CGHS.

Our units at Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad have DM qualified endocrinologists. The MCI and the government recognize only a DM qualified person as being fully competent to deal with Type 1 DM.

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