Comparison between Low carb diet, Keto diet and Paleo diet – By Shweta Bhosale, Dietician, Magna Clinics

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Low Carb Diet-   A low carb diet restricts the type and amount of carbohydrates you eat.
Foods to Include-  Eggs, Chicken,  Fish (Sardines, Tuna, Salmon),  Vegetables (Cruciferous vegetables, tomato, onion, Brussels sprouts, kale, spinach, etc),  Mushrooms,  Soy products,  Fruits (Lemons, Kiwi, Orange, Berries),  Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts, Chia seeds),  Dairy products (Cheese, Yogurt),  Dark chocolate,  Green tea, Black tea, Black coffee.

Foods to Avoid- Grains, Legumes,   Fruits, Breads, Sweets, Pastas, Starchy vegetables, Some nuts and seeds.

** Some low carb diet plans allow small amounts of certain fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Keto Diet- A keto or ketogenic diet is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine, where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy.
Foods to Include –   Meat, Fatty fish, Eggs, Butter and cream, Cheese, Nuts and seeds, Healthy oils, Avocados , Low-carb veggies, Condiments.

Foods to Avoid- Sugary foods, Grains or starches, Fruit, Beans and legumes, Root vegetables and tubers, Low-fat or diet products. Some condiments or sauces, Unhealthy fat, Alcohol.

Paloe Diet- A paleo diet is a dietary plan based on foods similar to what might have been eaten during the Paleolithic era, which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.
Foods to Include –   Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and seeds, Lean meats – especially grass-fed animals, Fish – salmon, mackerel and albacore tuna, Oils from fruits and nuts – such as olive oil or walnut oil.

Foods to Avoid- Grains, such as wheat, oats and barley, Legumes, such as beans, lentils,  peanuts and peas, Dairy products, Refined sugar, Salt, Potatoes, Highly processed foods.

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