Dr. Nagendra Boopathy MBBS, MD , DM – Cardiology about Heart Diseases

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Heart disease is not just a man’s disease and all women should know their heart disease risk factors. Dr. Nagendra Boopathy explain about causes, Treatments and Risk factors about Heart Diseases in Tamil. இதயநோய் காரண காரியங்கள்  பற்றி அழகான தமிழில் மருத்துவர் நாகேந்திர பூபதி  அவர்களின் காணொளி. For Appointments 7200400075

Who is Endocrinologist?

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Who is Endocrinologist? Endocrinologists are doctors who treat problems related to hormonal imbalance. Since, most of the people have unheard of the word in the healthcare surroundings in India, people don’t visit those specialist very often. In western world, Endocrinologists treat all the conditions related to hormonal issues like Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, growth problems etc., […]


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GROWTH CLINIC There is only one concern on every parent’s mind since the time his or he baby is born i.e whether the baby will grow & develop healthy or not. By “Growth & development”, we mean both the PHYSICAL & PYSCHOLOGICAL development of the child. Genetic make-up of the parents, nutrition, hormones, chronic illness, […]

Ramadan & Diabetes

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Ramadan & Diabetes Ramadan is one of the five main pillars of Islam. Muslims fast during this period. Quran exempts people who are sick and ill from the duty of fasting. But a study on Muslims with diabetes in 13 Muslim countries has shown that 43% Type I and 79% Type II fast during Ramadan. […]


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Endocrinology is a branch of medicine that deals with problems of the endocrine, or hormonal, system. Hormones are small proteinic molecules that are produced by specialized glands in the body and which traverse the body to pass “messages” to target organs to show a particular effect. Hormones help the body to regulate processes like appetite, […]