Take note the Summer Precautions

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Summer in India is unbearable and ridiculously hot leaving us feeling like a sweat pig and energy
drained out of our body.

But to avoid all this, there are a few easy steps that can be taken:

Like drinking water, keeping yourself hydrated is most important, hot drinks aren’t your buddy this
time, it is the Thandi lassi and cold drink to keep you going.

Another popular choice is cold or iced coffee. It’s common knowledge that caffeine can give you a
temporary energy boost, but it also makes you dehydrated!

Don’t go overboard with ice cubes and refrigerated water either.

Also, make sure that there are heat waves that can make you sick and pale, but there is a cure to
every disease.

Frequently offer water to small children and old people as they often can’t express te fact that they
are feeling thirsty.

The ability to handle heavy foods is also lower in children and elders. Offer them easily digestible
foods (ex: curd rice).

Now if we talk about dress code for summer, everyone wants to be stylish yet comfortable, wearing
loose clothes which absorb sweat and not using silk, jeans, and tight blouses. Prolonged sweating in
an unbreathable material can lead to clogged pores and prickly heat.

Applying sunscreen is most important in heat. It takes a few minutes for sunscreen to take action,
and it is not as effective if you put it on just moments before leaving the house, opting for lotions
which have SPF 15 or higher.

While going out, covering yourself is important whether with a scarf or sunglasses, keep yourself
protected and this makes you look stylish as well. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the
darker the tint of the lens, the better protected your eyes are. Find a balance between style and
safety and protect your eyes from the heat.

Beware of Sunstroke and Heatwaves

Look out for these symptoms: Body Pains, No Sweat, Body temperature around 104°F or higher, DrySkin, Vomiting and Yellow Urine

Keep yourself safe, healthy, hydrated and protected.
Consult Magna Code for more.

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