Here’s what you’ve been missing on every Ramadan!

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Ramadan is a festival celebrated all over the world for almost 2 months. It’s a festival when Muslims around the world observe fast known as roza. Fasting is known as one of the five pillars of Islam. In this, peopleavoid food and water and also stay away from sins and sexual activity.

The fasting starts at sunrise and ends at sunset. During fasting which starts at 4 am with consuming food called Sehri and the time when they break the fast in the evening it is called Iftar. The  Holy Quran is often recited during this period of fasting and the festival of Id-ul-Fitar marks the end of the 30 days of fasting.

Pregnant women, children, elderly people, menstruating women and the sick are exempeted from the holy fasting.

As per the Holy Quran, the reason behind fasting is God-consciousness; it is a practice done in order to gain control of the self and cleanse the body, mind, and soul.

Fasting isn’t easy and not everyone’s cup of tea. But some precautions can make it easier for people:

While eating early morning, try to eat healthy food with proteins in it which will be able to give you energy and the digest slowly making you less hungry for the day.

Keeping yourself hydrated during non-fasting hours

Break your fast with milk and dates, helps you not feel dizzy

Avoid eating fatty foods and have fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

Take power naps in between the day, it helps you be active

Don’t overeat during Iftar, as it can make you feel uneasy next day.

Walk a little after Sehri and Iftar.

Fasting has many benefits, it helps you detoxicate your body and helps you think straight with a cleanse mind and soul.

This year, let the beautiful month be celebrated by all of us, without differentiating between caste, religious, gender, and color.

Happy Ramadan!

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