Best diabetologist in hydeabad

How to choose your Doctor for Diabetes

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Why is your diabetes doctor Important for your diabetes care? Diabetes is a chronic and also progressive disease. Periodic worsening and sustained improvement with treatment are the rule. Your Diabetes care team includes You, Dietitian, pharmacist, ophthalmologist, Cardiologist, nephrologist and podiatrist but your Diabetes doctor is the key person If you have diabetes for the […]


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Indians have a severe case of sweet tooth and a long-lasting affair with sweets. This makes us the world’s largest consumer of sugar and home of the second-largest diabetic population. And with diabetics comes other health risk factors such as obesity, heart disease etc. There were times when people had to stand in long queues […]

Childhood Obesity, a Rising Concern

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Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition. It is seen in children and adolescents the most these days and is also seen in a lot of people, whose weight is well above the acceptable levels. Genetic and hormonal factors are considered to cause childhood obesity. Overweight in children or child, obesity leads to a number […]